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Compelling Reasons Why Furnace Inspections Are Important

Last updated 6 years ago

It’s the middle of winter, the dead of night, and your heating system stops working. This is a situation no homeowner wants to experience, but it can become a reality if you don’t have your furnace maintained this fall. Air conditioning and heating companies know that furnaces need maintenance at least once per year in order to perform at maximum efficiency, avoid problems, and provide homeowner safety.


For many homeowners with fuel-burning furnaces, safety should be a top concern. Furnaces that are ill-maintained may not properly combust the fuel they use, resulting in the release of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. While much of this gas is safely exhausted, a furnance that is not properly maintained presents a serious risk to you and your family. Furnace inspections include thorough testing of all connections and exhaust systems, including the heating equipment and burner.

Efficient Operation

Furnaces are appliances, and like any appliance they need regular care in order to function properly. Furnaces can lose efficiency for every year that they are not maintained, which adds to your monthly heating bills. The effect is compounded every year, which can make your home very expensive to heat. Annual maintenance, preferably performed before the first time you turn your furnace on in the fall, ensures that all components are operating at their peak efficiency, which saves you energy and money.


Without maintenance and repairs, your furnace components can suffer. Mechanical parts require lubrication and may become loose as they operate. This can result in premature wear, which can eventually shorten the life of your furnace. When a heating repair technician inspects your furnance, he will ensure that every part and component inside the appliance is in good working order. You can get the most out of your investment by caring for your furnace every year and enjoying cost-effective heating.

Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. in Thousand Oaks can help your home enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient winter. Schedule your annual furnace tuning with us by calling (805) 273-4320 today. You can also learn more about our heating maintenance, repair, and installation services by visiting our website.


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