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Common Misconceptions About Reducing Home Heating and Cooling Costs

Last updated 5 years ago

With energy prices on the rise, many homeowners want to reduce their spending by heating and cooling their homes more efficiently. Many hire professional air conditioning and heating companies to install new units, new windows, and take other measures to increase their homes’ energy efficiency. Some people also follow tips they hear by word of mouth, but you must be careful—some of these tips are erroneous. Learn three common heating and cooling myths below:

Closing Vents Saves Money

On the surface, this tip seems logical—if you close the vents in offices, spare bedrooms, and other spaces you don’t use, you shouldn’t have to pay to heat or cool these spaces. Unfortunately, this is a home energy myth. Modern HVAC systems are designed to distribute air throughout the home, and closing off vents can disturb the system’s calibration.

Efficient Units Automatically Lower Bills

Buying a modern, efficient furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner does not guarantee that you will save money on your utilities. You also need to have your ductwork checked and sealed, because improperly installed or leaky ducts can divert climate-controlled air from your living space and close the savings margin that efficient HVAC units provide.

Thermostats Work Quicker When Set to Extremes

Some homeowners who want to cool their homes to 70°F in the summer think they can crank the thermostat down to 65° to get there faster. These same homeowners use a similar theory during the winter. However, most furnaces and air conditioners can only operate at one constant output, so dialing them up or down has no effect other than causing them to run longer.  

Having your air conditioning and heating system regularly inspected also helps you reduce your energy consumption and spending. Call Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating of Southern California today at (805) 273-4320 to schedule an HVAC service appointment. One of our specialists can also help you choose a new heating or cooling system that will fit your home’s needs and your budget.


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